Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Case for No Electronics

I recently wrote an article for the Wilderness Systems website stating my case for fishing without electronics, at least sometimes, if not much more often. The piece can be read at the following link:
In the morning, I had a fish finder on my kayak. In the afternoon, I ditched it and just went fishing. This was the second fish of the afternoon. For various reasons, I haven't used a fish finder since.

Generally, I prefer informative or "how to" writing, but I really enjoyed writing this subjective piece. In it, I tried to emphasize that by no means I am suggesting that electronics aren't valuable fishing tools. However, I think they become a crutch at times, and even a hindrance, depending on where you fish, your strengths and style of fishing, and numerous other factors. Additionally, as I noted earlier on Facebook, I give serious props to the guys who regularly crush it fishing almost entirely based on electronics (Eric "Slappy" Harrison immediately comes to mind). So, please consider this a food for thought piece and keep an open mind. I hope you enjoy it! Tight lines!