Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 Questions with Georgia Giant Chaser Rok Ly

I first met Rocky Ly on the RiverBassin Trail back in 2011.  He was shy and somewhat reserved, but he was always right there fighting for a top spot.  Since then, he has become a fixture in the kayak fishing community.  He is still crushing it on multiple tournament trails, as well as chasing legit double digit fish every chance he gets.  And if you follow his Facebook page and his posts over at Jackson Kayak, you can tell just how much he loves to fish, as he is constantly smiling and laughing.

Rok grew up fishing the Great lakes of Michigan, the Detroit River and Lake St Clair. He started out young, fishing for anything that swims. He has been hooked ever since. He admits to being addicted to the outdoors from a young age - both hunting and fishing. Now, he resides in Georgia, and the bass aren't very happy about it.

His sponsors and affiliates include the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team, Boca Bearings, Smith Optics, Big Bass Dreams, and the Hmong Kayak Fishing Club 

If you don't already know him, meet Rok Ly.

1. We’ll start basic - How did you get into kayak fishing? 

I've tried it all, from boats to pontoon floats, but something about a kayak got me interested and I started doing more research on it. I came across Drew Gregory's videos on YouTube. From then on, kayaking just worked for me. 

2. One thing I really admire about you is all the tools your have in your fishing toolbox. You can do a lot of things really well, which makes you really adaptable and hard to beat come tourney time. If you could only pick one technique – what is your favorite? 

Finesse, I make sure I have some type of soft plastic worm tied on at all times.

3. What is your favorite tournament you ever entered and why? 

The River Bassin Trail has to be one of my favorite because of the wild waters we get to fish. The rivers we have here in the southeast are all beautiful and I enjoy being on the rivers away from all the boat traffic.

4. Give us the name of someone who no-one has heard about who can just flat out catch fish. What makes them stand out?

KC Vang, my brother in law from Michigan. His ability to adapt to new waters to catch fish is what makes him so good.

5. Every spring you go chasing “Big Mama” and it seems like you are successful more often than not. What is your favorite big fish bait and why?

My favorite big fish bait has got to be a glide swimbait. I'm throwing a Fatback Herring Glide bait. One key factor is to locate where these big ones are first, and a glide bait has the ability to draw them out. Once you know where they are and if they don't bite the glide bait, you can go back with a finesse approach.

6. Anyone who follows your Facebook knows that you are a fan of the selfie. What (other than holding a giant bass) makes a good selfie? 

I guess what makes a good selfie is to show the world you're having a good time doing what you love to do.

7. I know you are one of the organizers for the Hmong Kayak Fishing Club. I’ve got to meet a number of the other Hmong fishermen and was impressed by their knowledge and passion, as well as their friendliness. Can you tell us a little about how the club formed and maybe something unique to Hmong culture? 

The Hmong Kayak Fishing Club began September 13, 2011, with four friends (Rocky Ly, KB Xiong, Tony Yang & Will Yang) from around Atlanta, Georgia who found the sport of kayak fishing to be fun and rewarding. This club is open to anyone interested in kayak fishing and is not exclusive to Hmong persons, kayakers or fishermen. We wanted to promote the sport of kayak fishing to those who've never even heard of it through social media.

The Hmong origins stem from South East Asia, but they are neither Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai nor Laotian. They are a separate ethnic group in the Asian populous.

8. You and your father have formed a dynamic duo on the RiverBassin Tournament Trail for a long time. Is he your favorite fishing partner? What is the biggest piece of advice, fishing or otherwise, that he ever gave you? 

Yeah I love fishing with my father. I'm really a power fisherman at heart, but my father has taught me how to slow it down and make every cast count.

9. I know you are a big JDM gear guy. What is your favorite rod, 
reel, or combo and why? 

A Daiwa Steez spinning rod with a Daiwa Fuego spinning reel. This setup has done it all for me and especially when the bite gets tough. I make sure I don't leave home without it.

10. What is something interesting that few know about Rok Ly?

I used to have a passion for singing, but I left the mic for a rod a long time ago.


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