Thursday, October 24, 2013

Austin Kayak - Kayak Fishing Gear Guide

Recently I was contacted by some folks from Austin Kayak (ACK) about doing a guest blog here at Man Powered Fishing. I usually don't do guest blogs, although I get a suprising number of requests, but one of the topics they mentioned seemed like a great fit. I have blogged many times that I am a minimalist on the water. I don't want to have a fish finder, battery, extra rod holders, or milk crates on most of my trips. I like to keep it simple and some of the places I go, they would get beat up and broken quickly. However, kayak customization is becoming incredibly popular and for good reason.  As the sport grows, more and more people are doing cool new things that require more or different gear.

ACK has been at it a long time and they run a fantastic business that offers all sorts of great deals on products made for everyone from beginners to hardcore kayak fishers. Below is a 'Kayak Fishing Gear Guide', which they put together for the blog.  Some of this stuff, I do take with me on every trip, such as the essentials, a paddle, a camera, a first aid/emergency kit, a dry bag, a whistle, and other odds and ends.  Take a look and see what you may want to add to your yak or gear before your next trip on the water. 

                                 Image credit to Joel Cowen and ACK

I'll have a fall fishing blog just around the corner, but for now, it is time to finish out the work week and knock out a plan for the first Duke-UNC Fall Charity Tournament this Sunday.  Hopefully one of the Duke teams can make it a Duke three-peat!  Tight lines!


  1. I think when your adding motors to a kayak maybe it's time to look into buying a boat.

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