Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Carolina River Fishing Rodeo

River fishers are a different breed. We embrace the adventure that comes with floating a remote river...lakes barely peak our interest. We often find ourselves submersed knee deep, casting along deep shoals...wading shoes are a must. We fish in all seasons, often dragging over shallow, rocky shoals and low-water sand bars all summer long...pedal boats need not apply. We don't let obstacles like rapids get in the way of our goals...better strap on your PFD and strap down your gear. And our favorite sounds are those made only by the nature that surrounds us...and of course, peeling drag.

This year we hope to re-kindle a tradition in the Carolinas - the River Fishing Rodeo. This event was once an annual occurrence that brought together river fishers from not just the Carolinas, but from across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. The Rodeo is a multi-day camping, fishing and story-telling affair where anglers can hit the river during the day and swap fish tales around the campfire in the evening. It is meant to be a laid back, relaxing event for folks of like mind to visit, learn, share and have fun.

A group of ugly mugs from the last NC RiverBassin Rodeo

The 2013 Rodeo will be held along the banks of the Broad River near Gaffney, South Carolina. This location is within 30-40 minutes of a number of rivers and creeks that offer fantastic fishing opportunities for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, and other species. The event will be held May 30-June 2nd. A $5 per night fee will be charged and will cover camping, campground patrols, bathrooms and insurance. If you plan to just drop in for the day to fish and hangout, we ask that you would cover the cost of the event by paying a small day use fee of $3-$5 depending upon the visit. Food and beverages will be the responsibility of the individual, but if there is interest we can try and pull together for a group meal on Friday and/or Saturday evenings.

A variety of fishing opportunities will be available on all days - ranging from beginner level to hardcore river fisher. Significant others, children and families are all encouraged to attend. There will be a lot of very experienced, talented river fishers present who are willing to share their knowledge with anyone interested. So if just starting out in the sport, this is a great event to attend.

Although details of the event will be publicized in a number of different forums and questions will be answered in each, the official planning thread will be housed at (under the “Meet and Greet” section), which is free to join. The thread will include evolving details of the event and an RSVP list.

Please email Drew ( and/or Eric ( with any questions you may have. We hope to see you there! Tight lines!

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