Tuesday, October 23, 2012

YakAttack Park N Pole Review

I was a skeptic.  You see, I hate having extra, un-needed pieces of equipment on my kayak.  I will never understand the guy with a million gadgets on his yak.  They simply clutter up the boat and get in the way.  However, over the past couple of years I have seen product after product come out from YakAttack and more than a few have really impressed me.  When I saw the Park N Pole come out last year, I knew it was a must for the type of fishing I like to do. 

        The Park N Pole - simple yet effective!

Along with extra clutter on deck, I don't really like using anchors either and in the river they are an accident waiting to happen.  Drag chains are a nice improvement on flowing waters, but they can also be a pain in the butt.  For me, the answer was the Park N Pole.  There are now two versions, the 6- and 8-footer.  They float, are made of extremelly durable poly-plastic, and have a handle on one end for folks who like to pole.  The other end is a point that you can jam into the ground.  I use the pole a few different ways.

On lakes, I like to start shallow and move deeper as needed.  Given that lakes can often be windy, I like to use the Park N Pole to quickly anchor on prime, shallow spots.  I jam the pole down through a scupper in the bottom of my Malibu Stealth.  I can also set-up to fish deeper water and points in the same manner. 

On rivers, I use the Park N Pole to effectively set-up and fish push-water, key areas, and eddy lines.  One of my favorite uses is to float down through a rapid, swing my boat around, and stick the Park N Pole into the river bottom right on the edge of the eddy line. 

The Park N Pole was perfect for catching Suwannee bass in windy conditions this spring

This year on the BASS Slam trips I beat the tar out of my Park N Pole.  It has some scratches, but has held up impressively well.  If you are looking for a good anchor pole for your yak or other small watercraft, then I highly recommend you check it out.  Tight lines!


  1. I remember my cousin keeping two of this in a maxum used boat he owned. Actually thought it was for cleaning and not for fishing.

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