Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Carolina Custom Rods Introduces the High Performance Floating Rod

If any of you have kept an eye out over on the Carolina Custom Rods site, you may have noticed that Brett and I have been coming up with ideas for fishing rods made specifically for kayakers for over a year now.  We tried a few different things and kicked around a ton of ideas, but eventually I just told him to keep making the awesome rods he makes now.  After all, I much prefer a light, sensitive, powerful rod made to my exact specifications.  Plus they look sharp too.

We considered extra foam, different materials, blank inserts and much more.  Well I found out about a week ago that Brett's rods should be very appealing to kayak and power boat anglers alike.  I accidentally dropped my new 7'6", M-MH casting rod in the water.  The spinnerbait tied on to the end of my line sank.  The rod floated!

The rod isn't loaded with extra foam or floatant.  Instead, it is just made to be super-light including the use of carbon fiber grips.  In fact, all of Brett's rods are now incredibly light weight, but don't sacrifice power either.  This particular rod checks in right around 4 oz. and is also the best spinnerbait-buzzbait rod I have ever used.  A couple of my other rods are closer to 3 oz.  If interested in checking out one of Brett's new rods, head on over to the Carolina Custom Rods website and give him a shout.  He can customize your rod however you like it.  Until next time, Tight lines!

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