Monday, August 27, 2012

Quest for the BASS Slam Episode #2 - the Suwannee Bass

After Episode #1, I started debating if we could outdo our Florida Strain Largemouth excursion (linked here in case you missed it).  I mean - two bass in the 6 pound class, big gators, aggressive bowfin, frog fishing over weed was a dream for anyone trying to put together some video footage.  Then I started thinking about all of our stops and all of the amazing places we got to fish....and it made me realize why I love kayak river bassin' so much!  Episode #2, which is all about the Suwannee Bass, is not full of 6 pounders (that would actually be almost double the world record).  However, the Santa Fe River had a mystique to it - and it sucked me in.  I actually think it might have been my favorite river and the Suwannee my favorite species of the nine.

The hard fighting Suwannee is a crafty little fish and given that we only had two, half-days to fish for them, we knew we had to figure them out fast.  And of course, what would another couple days in Florida be without the lingering effects of tropical storm Beryl.  So, could we catch the fish we needed before we had to move on?  Watch and find out in Quest for the BASS Slam Episode #2 - the Suwannee Bass!

As always, questions, comments, and recommendations are more than welcome.  Tight lines!

***Best viewed in 720p HD


  1. Wow, where to start. Great job with the editing first of all. Just an excellent presentation, great footage, great commentary. Great job Drew, keep it up! Can't wait to see our trip.

  2. Thanks Evan! I haven't even had time to start editing our trip yet, but I think it will turn out great.