Monday, July 23, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

Today was supposed to be the "release party" for Episode 1 of the the BASS Slam.  That isn't going to happen.  Trust me, I was as excited as anyone...probably much more so.  Due to the high resolution video, it is taking FOREVER to upload to my YouTube channel.  Currently, the total upload time is looking like 14 hours and 22 minutes...bummer!

On another note, we haven't forgotten about the prizes we promised back at the end of May.  The problem is that due to lack of clarity in the original post, no-one qualified.  Again, this was our fault for not being more clear, especially because our post on the Malibu Kayak Facebook page was difficult to find due to the way they have their site organized.  I know a couple folks went out of their way to like the majority of those pages and one person even signed up for the Team MK page.  We REALLY appreciate everyone who is following along and/or interested.  This has been so much fun that we just genuinely want to share it with folks.  So, we are trying to re-work the giveaways into the easiest possible format.

On Wednesday we will put a link on our Facebook page that says something like "Want to win free fishing gear and guided trips?  "Like" this post to enter.  "Share" this post and we will be extremely grateful."  If you are interested in entering the contest and do not have Facebook, we do not want to leave you out.  Please respond to this post or shoot me an email to put your name in the running.

And last, but note least, Malibu Kayaks is not going anywhere!  A lot of rumors have been floating around and a lot of folks have assumed MK is dead.  Well, you are wrong!  It certainly hasn't been easy for them and things are not back to normal, but progressing is being made.  MK is working extremely hard to get caught up on orders and get things rolling with new, innovative, and awesome designs!  It has been a crazy couple of months and both the company and pro-staff took some lumps.  Although all the news hasn't been good (a couple awesome members of the pro-staff are moving on), I expect a very bright future for Malibu Kayaks!  My full Stealth 12 review is right around the corner!

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