Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not my Malibu Kayaks Stealth 12 Review

Well, I was hoping to post a review of the Malibu Kayaks Stealth 12 today.  Unfortunately, I didn't get all of the footage and photos I wanted, so that one is on the back burner again.  And actually, I don't mind putting it on the back burner right now.  As many of those in the world of kayak fishing now know, Malibu Kayaks is currently a mess.  Issues within the company have led to a court case, ongoing settlements, and a company that is up in the air.  Things look to be heading in the right direction for MK, but nothing has been set in stone.  How this will affect me as a pro-staff member is yet to be seen.  There are a lot of mixed emotions within the team right now and a lot of frustration.  I will say that I have fallen in love with my boat - the Stealth 12 and was hoping to add a Stealth 9 & 14 to the stable in the next year or so.  My fingers are crossed that it all gets worked out!

Although I could rant about my feelings for a few paragraphs, I think I will talk about a short trip I took the other day instead.  A friend of mine has been going through a rough patch in his life and had some major life changes.  He has fought hard and is trying to scratch and claw his way back to normalcy.  I have helped him through much of his fight and am glad to see him making headway.  He called me last weekend and just plain and simple needed to get out for a while.  I was a little torn because I had some work to do and had smashed up my knee on a rock while fishing the day before.  But, I limped my way out the door and headed to Durham.  

We hit the water in search of catfish in a small lake near his house.  The bite was slow at first, but after a move from a drop off to a long point, it started picking up.  For the next couple of hours, we did pretty well, landing a mix of catfish in the 1-4 lb range and a few sunfish as well.  We shot the breeze and enjoyed the gorgeous, sunny day outdoors.  Eventually, we ran out of bait and headed back toward the car.  On the way back, I decided to do a little bass fishing and started throwing a plastic worm around shoreline cover.  The cover at this lake looked amazing, but I couldn't get a nibble, aside from a small warmouth.  Finally, at the last real piece of structure before the car I skipped a cast up under a shady log. The fish inhaled the worm on the fall and it was GAME ON!  She went airborne multiple times and just about pulled me into a huge bush on the bank.  But, after some one handed paddling maneuvers I got her into open water and fought her to the boat.  The chunky bass went 19" and probably about 4 lbs.  It was a great way to cap the day.

We loaded up and I headed home for a date with the couch and a cold drink.  There I knocked out some work while the dogs and I waited for Mary May to get done at the hospital.

Unfortunately, tomorrow will not be the release of Episode 1 of the BASS Slam.  I am still waiting on one more piece of footage and as soon as I get it, things will be ready to roll.  I am not sure if there will be a fill-in tomorrow or'll have to wait and see.  Tight lines!


  1. I have been thinking about you since I began hearing the rumors. Glad to see to you keeping it positive man! I can't wait to see the first installment of the slam and I can completely appreciate how much work goes into editing a project that big. Keep up the great work.

  2. I just ordered a Stealth 12 from Kayak Fishing Supplies. I hope I am not going to have problems. Any more info about MK?

  3. I know MK is working extremely hard to get caught up on orders and everything is getting back to normal out there...slowly. I also know KFS will work hard to get you your boat ASAP. I hope it arrives soon and you can get it out on the water!