Thursday, April 19, 2012

If You're Not Fishin', You Must Be Wishin'!

Visible in the lack of recent posts on my blog, I have had zero fishing time lately.  This will end soon (in about 10-11 days), but until it does I have been stuck inside wishing.  Not just that I was out on the water, but wishing of a few gear upgrades for the new year.  So, what kind of gear is really peaking my interest (and will make a great addition to my new Malibu Kayaks)? 

First, is the GoPro LCD BacPac.  I love my it!  But, it can be tough when you can't see exactly what you are shooting.  The BacPac not only allows you to see what you are pointing at, it also lets you play back video.  It is going to be a key part of some filming I hope to do this year, so I have to put it at the top of this list.

Next is a kit from Adventure Medical Kits.  I push myself when on the water and at times that results in my body taking a beating.  I am not one of those guys who waits for a nice calm day to go hit the local lake.  I thrive in flowing water - wading, boulder hopping, and fighting fish through rapids.  This year I need to up my game and add a first aid kit to my kayak fishing gear.  In hindsight, it was just plain silly to not carry one before.  AMK offers some great and affordable kits for outdoorsmen that are light weight and have a ton of stuff inside.

Finally, there are two accessories I need to add.  Last year, you might have seen my review of the Kayalu Kayalite.  Well, I have been so impressed with it that a second one is on the horizon.  Again, it comes down to saftey - and legality in many waters.  This light is made for river fishing - short, compact, durable, and it meets USCG regulations.  The other addition is going to be the YakAttack Park-N-Pole.  This is a stake-out pole made especially for yak fishermen and designed by Luther Cifers.  Luther started his business in his garage and is quickly growing it into one of the best kayak fishing gear companies out there.  The Park-N-Pole allows you to anchor or slow your drift very easily, that way you to post-up in an eddy, on a weed edge, or near a bedding bass.  You can get this via the YakAttack website or at HOOK1.

Until next time, tight lines!

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