Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kayak Fishing Adventures - Fall 2011

I haven't fished as much as I wanted this fall - plain and simple.  But, when I got out I had a blast.  The best part is that Mary May typically joins me.  I have watched her really come in to her own as an angler, noticing things that few of my yak fishing peers would.  For instance, she already picked up on the difference in fall rate and movement between various soft plastic worms fished weightless.  And this fall she has really turned it on and shown a patience that I wish I had on the water.  Here are a few shots of the fish we caught the past couple of weeks....

Mary May with a healthy bass from a small local river....

A 4.5-5 lber from a local creek

4-4.5 lber from one of my favorite flows!

Another sweet fish for Mary May

She is starting to get deadly with a plastic worm!

Her first case of raw thumb....hopefully many more to come!

A couple awesome things have happened off the water as well.  First, is that I was contacted by Paul Lebowitz, the editor at Kayak Angler Magazine, to write part of a story about spring bass fishing in the southeast.  It took me completely by suprise and was a real honor, since KAM is probably the biggest kayak fishing publication out there.  I will collaborating with a number of other top kayak bass fishermen including Drew Gregory and Jason Stutts.  The article comes out in the spring, so keep an eye out for my contribution and hopefully a photo!

Second, Mary May and I are getting a puppy!  Yep, we are taking that plunge and welcoming a cute little shih-tzu into our home.  We are naming him Huckleberry....Huck for short.  Some of you probably know that I have a 7 year old dog, Brewer, who is a golden retriever-chow mix.  So you can imagine, I wasn't sold at first on the idea of a small dog.  But the shih-tzu breed really grew on me and I can't wait to bring him home.  We get to pick him up during the first week of December!

This weekend I will be joining Bill Kohls to fish a bass boat tournament.  It should be an absolute blast, as fishing with Bill usually is.  I can't believe crappie season is just around the corner, so I hope everyone is landing bass while they still can.  Tight lines!


  1. Congrats on the article Drew. It took me by surprise.

  2. Another nice article....I'm glad you are teaching Mary May all you know about fishing and sharing that time together! Puppy is a cutie...will he be a Yak-dog?

  3. Thanks! He will be a yak-dog I'm sure. Brewer likes the water, but not in the way that many labs and retrievers do. There is no way he could handle being on a yak...or probably a boat of any kind. But, I think Huck will have a doggy PFD and ride in the Coosas with us.

  4. What a excellent fishing adventure. I read your blog very attentively & i also appreciate your post.

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