Friday, September 23, 2011

What a Week - Check out my Article in NC Sportsman Magazine

Well, this has been a fantastic week.  Work is going great, I joined forces with HOOK1, the Froggy Waters tourney is coming together, and I found out this morning that my article came out in print today in NC Sportsman Magazine.  The article is about called 'Spot On' and focuses on the growing population of big spotted bass in the Cape Fear River as well as how I target big spots, the baits I use, and how I approach river fishing.  I was really excited when Dan Kibler, the editor, accepted the story and I appreciate him helping me through the process.  Hopefully it's not the last article of mine that appears in the magazine!  The article is not online yet and I am not sure if or when it will be.  However, you can get a rundown of the magazine here.

It has rained all day, which I guess makes it a good day for sitting in meetings and in front of a computer.  However, the 3" of projected rain also put a bit of a wrench in my weekend fishing plans.  Maybe it will be a catfish kind of weekend?

Check back early next week for our fishing report (hopefully with video) as well as a product reviews for Buggs Fishing Lures and my new Kayalu Kayalite!  Tight lines!


  1. Congrats on the article Drew. Thats awesome man.

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  3. Thats really a pleasure to get an article published in a magazine like Sportsman.My good wishes are with you....always!!!!