Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Weekend With No Fishing Blog - July 24, 2011

Since my weekend is being dedicated to work, I wanted to throw together a little blog. This blog doesn’t talk about big fish, but instead some other random fishy things.

First, I added a disclaimers portion to the site – located on the ‘About Me’ page. It reads, "Please note that all material on this blog consists of my own personal adventures, experiences, and opinions. My reports take place exclusively on public waters using public launches unless otherwise stated. All activities documented here are within full accordance with state and federal laws to the best my knowledge." I came to the conclusion that it was an important addition to the site based on some input from others and their sites. I want people to know that the fish they see here and the stories I tell could just as easily happen to them – all you need is a little gear and a body of water!

On Thursday evening I got to sneak out to a local river with my friend Eric Boyd. I met Eric through and the RiverBassin Tournament Trail. He won the Casual Angler Division last year in Charlotte and won the Individual and Team Divisions (with Caja Ormand) this year as well. We also both fished the stop in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and have become better friends along the way. He happened to be in Durham for a conference, so he dropped me a line about fishing. We decided to wade for a few hours and escape our hectic weeks. We didn’t catch any big fish, but we both brought a few to hand including a solid Roanoke bass. It was peaceful out there as we waded the quiet water. We saw deer (20 yards away in the river), herons, frogs, toads, turtles, and all sorts of other creatures. It was a relaxing evening to say the least and I really enjoyed the company and conversation. It certainly makes me appreciate the trips I get to make with no measuring boards, no pressure, and no fuss. Thanks Eric!

Although it has been posted online for a couple of weeks, we haven’t officially announced it yet, but I am going to leak it here. On October 15th, Froggy Waters Outdoors is hosting the First Annual Froggy Waters Outdoors Freshwater Slam. This kayak fishing tournament is going to be one of a kind! Instead of bass only, it will include the biggest total length of 3 fish one from each of the following categories: bass, catfish, and panfish. The tournament will be hosted out of Bahama, NC and anglers can fish within a 45 mile radius of the location in rivers ONLY. The tournament is a team and individual tournament and is geared toward getting kids outdoors. Teams with a youth participant receive a 3” advantage. The tournament will benefit The Schoolhouse of Wonder – a program geared to educate youth about the outdoors, conservation, and the environment. To top it all off, kayaks and canoes are being provided free of charge for anyone who needs them. The prizes are going to be awesome and are still being rounded up! We can’t wait to host this event (we will not be fishing), so please go to our site and check out all of the details (including rules, prices, etc) so far – Froggy Waters Outdoors.

Also, I highly recommend everyone checking out the links on the right side of my page. There are a variety of personal sites and blogs that I like to read. Some guys tell a great story, others promote conservation, and most just flat out catch fish.

Finally, every year when ICAST comes around most fish heads (like me), are foaming at the mouth to get a look at the newest gear on the market. Unfortunately, it usually comes with a lightening of the wallet as well. This year there is a ton of great new gear out. Lowrance has a sweet new depth finder-transducer system that fits into a scupper hole, new yaks are hitting the market, and a ton of companies are producing insanely light new gear. Looking at the weights on the new gear is impressive – some super light, sensitive stuff. But, all I could think about was that I have been fishing with that type of gear for the past year or so. My Carolina Custom rods are lighter, stronger, and built to my exact specifications. If you want to be blown away by a rod, call Brett and Carolina Custom Rods. He does all sorts of rods, colors, and materials. This is not a shameless plug – it is as real as the one that got away. Until next times, tight lines!

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