Saturday, May 28, 2011

My first Massachusetts fish! - May 2011

Earlier this month Mary May and I made the twelve hour pilgrimage, complete with dead battery, wrong turns, and flat tire to Ashfield, Massachusetts. I was lucky enough to spend a few days with her and her family in her childhood hometown, which reminds me quite a bit of my own hometown.

Her father lives right on the Deerfield River and what a beautiful river it is! He even lives in a house sculpted into a giant boat. In fact, his front yard was home to multiple trout that were more than eager to eat our offerings. I lost about a 12" fish before I landed a 13 incher that would come home for dinner.

Mary May also brought home a chunky 14" trout that ate a jerkbait just down river of the Charlemont Academy. It was one of the biggest trout Mary May ever remembered catching and we were both smiling ear to ear as she landed it!

We also tried the "drainage ditch" just down the road from her mother's home in Ashfield. There, I lost a nice size brooke trout, but that was all. However, I feel like we could have had very good success had we had a fly rod with us.

The two trout made an incredibly tasty dinner and they had extremely red fillets - since they mainly fed on liver pellets before being released into the river. I look forward to returning in the fall and chasing trout, smallies, and other species. Massachusetts offers some gorgeous waters and incredibly nice folks everywhere we turned.

From there, I headed to my parents house in PA and then to our annual trip to Ontario, Canada. Until then...tight lines!

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