Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deep Creek Lures Flutter Worm Review on Falls Lake, NC - April 2011

Today I met up with good friend Danny "DANNYBOY" Morales. Danny is one of those guys who you can tell loves kayak fishing. He is constantly smiling, laughing, joking, and just having a ball on the water. We have been trying to hook up to fish and I was excited when an opportunity arose to head down to one of his favorite areas of Falls Lake.

I knew going in that the males were shallow and very aggresive, so I decided that I wanted to work on two things for the day - fishing a shakey head and a jig. It turns out I didn't fish the jig all that much, but did land 2 fish on a Strike King Bitsy Flip with a trimmed Deep Creek Lures Floating Flippin Crawdad trailer. I also fished with the Deep Creek Sink & Catch worm.

Deep Creek Lures - the best way to have your house or car smelling like super secret garlic sauce!

After trying an R&S Baits Chatterbuzz buzzbait with no luck (because who doesn't love an early morning topwater strike), I went to work with the Sink & Catch worm and the new Deep Creek Flutter Worm rigged on a shakey head. The Sink & Catch style of bait was recommended in this part of the lake and sure enough, it produced a few fish early. Then my bite seemed to die down, so I picked up the Flutter Worm and started meticulously fishing it around laydowns, rocks, and drop-offs. It didn't take long before I landed my first bass off of a large boulder. I spotted the underwater boulder while standing in my Coosa - man I love that boat!

An average size Falls Lake bass for the day - around 13"-14"

Then I stopped to shed a few layers and got a good look at the Flutter Worm in shallow water. It looked dangerously good and sure enough, it caught 3 more fish by the time I left that cove. I then returned to the main lake and fished some blow downs. I didn't get a bite there, so I headed back to a cove with a creek feeding it. It didn't take long before I had 3 more fish on the Flutter Worm - two of which crushed it on the fall. I had to re-tie, so I tried texas-rigging the Flutter Worm. Like clockwork, fish were crushing it around logs and stumps and I quickly racked up another 8 fish.

Looks good enough to eat!

At that point, it was time to call it a day and I managed one more fish on a Sink & Catch before heading for home. It was a great day - landing 18 bass in total (although no pigs). Danny and his friend Joey also put quite a few bass in their yaks.

The Flutter Worm is certainly going to be a mainstay in my arsenal of soft plastics. Half lizard-half worm, it looks great in the water no matter how you rig it. In fact, I think it would be very effective rigged with a small peg weight inserted into the upper section. It is also very durable - I only used one all day! Next, it may have to be put through it's paces hunting hawgs at Shearon Harris.

Check out the Deep Creek Lures website for all of their products - I personally recommend anything and everything they make. I actually don't think the Flutter Worm is on there yet, but you can call them and they will hook you up! Until next time, tight lines!


  1. Good report, Drew. Thanks for sharing your day on the water with your fishing buddies.

    Tom Boyd
    "Fishing With Dad"

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