Friday, January 14, 2011

Joining the Rippin Lip Outdoors Team

I was recently approached with the possibility of joining the Rippin Lip Outdoors team. After looking through their site and talking with Bill Kohls I decided to accept the offer - so I am now part of Team Rippin Lip Outdoors. The team is all about promoting the outdoors in a positive manner, writing informative, review, and report style articles (much like my site), shooting videos, and getting people involved in the outdoors. Although parts of the site are still being updated, check it out for yourself here: Rippin Lip Outdoors!

I will be spearheading the kayak fishing portion of the site, but will also contribute to other areas. Joining the team also gives me the opportunity to try a few new ideas I had that would have been difficult to do by myself. So, keep an eye out for some new things on my site and the Rippin Lip site. Until next time...tight lines!

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