Sunday, January 9, 2011

Video Blog: Cold Weather Crappie Fishing on Jordan Lake - January 7, 2011

I got to spend a great day on Jordan Lake chasing crappie on Friday. I invited a few people, but because the trip was short notice they had other conflicts - so I adventured solo. Although not the best quality, I used my old Olympus to shoot some more video. So here it is - my 2nd video blog. If you have any feedback, suggestions, ideas, or requests please let me know!

***Please note that kayak fishing solo during cold weather months should be done as a last resort. I can't emphasize saftey enough. I had a dry pair of clothes, towel, and emergency blanket in my hull as well as a small survival kit and a fully charged cell phone (just in case). Plus I knew I would be out on a lake with numerous other boats around, as that particular area sees plenty of traffic this time of year. However, I try not to ever be on the water by myself this time of the year and you can never be too cautious - especially if you are in more remote locations.