Sunday, September 26, 2010

Voodoo River Bassin' - September 26, 2010

I am going to try a little something different this week by walking you through my morning on the river as it happened - so here goes!

5:08 AM - climb out of bed, get dressed, & round up last minute gear for the trip. I loaded the car with most of my fishing stuff and kayak the night before. It was warmer than I had expected.

5:45 AM - pick up Mary May. I could barely see her in her camo outfit.

6:18 AM - arrive at the launch. It is still dark. Meet Gary who loads me up with Deep Creek baits. My car will smell their like garlic scent for weeks.

6:40 AM - launch the yaks. The water feels pretty chilly on my feet. It is still rather dark. We begin heading down river.

6:45 AM - 2nd cast, 1st fish - a 2+ lb LMB that ate a Deep Creek creature bait rigged on a Carolina Custom Rod. Mmmm, yep, gonna be a good day!

First bass of the AM who bit light on the Carolina Custom Rod

7:15 AM - Gary gets on the board with his first bass then lands a chunky 19.5 incher that hit a Deep Creek bait.

Gary's second fish - a chunk

7:30 AM - Mary May boats her first fish - another fat LMB that hit a plastic worm. She gave the cheese face.

Mary May's first bass of the day!

8:15 AM - I hook into a solid bass and reel in a 20.75", roughly 5 lb LMB on a plastic worm. This fish proceeded to give me the pseudo-cheese face.

A 20.75" Piedmont largemouth

9 AM - At this point we decide to turn around. Altogether we have landed about 10 bass with 2 over 4+ lbs and 2 more well over 3 lbs.

Deep Creek Lures were irresistible to these fish

9:05 AM - 10 AM - We are landing 1.5 - 2.5 lb bass with general regularity - mainly on plastics. I lose a gar on a swimbait. Gary begins telling stories.

10:15 AM - Gary hooks into a nice bass on a Deep Creek bait and Scrounger head combo. He lands a healthy 20.75" fish. He even smiled for the picture!

Gary with a 4.5 lber

Mary May holding Gary's fish

10:30 AM - Mary May loses a couple fish on the way to the boat. One of them even splashes her on his return to the depths. She is sad.

No caption necessary!

10:45 AM - The bite is pretty decent, but it is getting warm and we were running out of energy. The chilly water is tempting me to take a dip.

11 AM - Gary gets a bite from a BIG bass. He breaches the surface and throws the bait. Weight estimate - well above 5 lbs. Mile radius from which Gary's scream was heard - well over 5 miles.

11:05 AM - We turn around and head back to the launch. We all look tired, but are smiling. (Except Gary who is still half pouting from the one that got away)

11:15 AM - I get a huge bite from a fish I first thought was a log. The fish wraps me up and I thought I lost him. The hook pops out and he hits the worm again! I miss him again...uuuggghhhh! Insert F-bomb here!

11:30 AM - The bite is pretty consistent with fish at every 3rd or 4th lay down including a few 2.5 - 3.5 lbers. Mary May realizes that fishing in MA can't hold a candle to NC.

Lots of healthy 3+ lb fish were out and about

11:45 AM - One last fish to end the day - a chunky 2 lber that hit a plastic worm! Man...these fish pull hard!

Noon - hit the launch, load up, and hit the road after a very fun and successful morning.

Totals - LMB for 3 of us: 20-30
3+ lb LMB: 8-10
4+ lb LMB: 3-4
5+ lb LMB: 1-2
Giants that got away: 2
20 minute silent treatment: 1 (Better than a 5 lber!)

The scenery, as it often is, was tough to beat!

We caught fish on plastic worms, creature baits, scrounger heads, and chatterbaits. I was really happy with the way some new gear (a Daiwa Zillion HSA and Carolina Custom Rod) performed. We put a hurting on some bass and came away with some photos, sleigh rides, and smiles! Until next time, tight lines!