Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Devils and Tar Heels Unite on the River - August 1, 2010

Sunday a new friend, Jason (from, and I met up to tangle with some Piedmont bass. Jason is a graduate student at UNC and although he wore a UNC shirt, he left his ugly shade of blue at home.

We met up in the late morning and were eager to fish. Unfortunately, the river that was our first choice looked like chocolate milk. After giving it some thought, we headed to a nearby river full of spotted bass. It was stained, but clear enough to fish. We were on the water around 11:15 and casting away. Despite the recent rains, the river was low and rocky. We fished hard with spinnerbaits, swimbaits, buzzbaits, and plastics for the first hour or two with very few fish to show for it. Finally, we found a couple patterns and some good areas and the bite turned on.

My best 2 fish came late in the day and my 3rd 'limit' fish came less than an hour prior. They measured 14 1/4", 14", and 13 1/2" respectively. The two biggest came on a Lucky Craft Gunfish 95 in chartreuse shad and the third was caught on a white Cavitron buzzbait.

We fished until about 5:30 or 6 PM and landed somewhere between 50-60 bass between us. We also had countless more short strikes. We were hoping to add a largemouth or striper to the mix, but it wasn't meant to be, as every fish was a spot. It wasn't exactly the day we had imagined on the water, but we were glad to have caught good numbers of fish. Plus, I made another new friend on the water. Sorry, no pictures today....nothing big enough to shoot.

In other news, I have an exciting anouncement to make later this week, so keep an eye out! Tight lines...

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