Monday, July 26, 2010

Beating the Heat on the River - 7/25/10

On Sunday, I decided that to do some fishing.  I was hoping to catch another striper from my yak.  The best bet would be to float a stretch of river south of Durham. With temperatures reaching 102 over the course of the day, I decided to head out and fish the late afternoon to early evening bite.

I launched around 4:30 PM and was on my way in the sauna like conditions.  I was regularly catching spots with some catfish thrown in as well. The first decent fish of the day was about a 4-5 lb channel cat. A few minutes later, I got a good bite in the same general area. I expected it to be a cat, but to my suprise it was a spot...and a nice one at that. The fish measured just over 15 1/4" - good enough for a North Carolina fishing citation. This would be my second trip in a row catching a citation size fish.

I continued catching decent fish and I lost another that felt good, but which I could not identify.
As the day dwindled we headed back up to a rapid area in hopes of landing a striper or hyrbid, but it wasn't to be as I didn't land any additional fish.  I left a little early since this particular area has a repuration for unruly characters and headed to get some Cook Out...the perfect ending to a great multi-species day on the water.


  1. You forgot... Tight Lines! Just thought you should know...hehehe BTW All these pics are starting to look alike. :)

  2. Ha - we can only get so creative with the pics when in the middle of the river. And that bass looks a lot different than the bowfin from last trip!

  3. Hey bud, Nice blog, it looks professional. I'm probably gonna do a Eno cleanup in Hillsborough tomorrow. I might fish before hand. You interested?

  4. Thanks! I would definitely be interested in both fishing and helping with the clean-up, but have a few things on the schedule for tomorrow. What time were you thinking of heading that way? Also, I am going to link your blog if that is OK.

  5. You can link my blog to anything you want. I sent you a facebook message. We want to try to be fishing at 7am, help with the clean up from 9:30-12.